Cocktails at Home

Covid has taught us many life lessons...resilience, patience, gratitude for loved ones. But one of the best lessons of all, was that we dont need to go out to a fancy bar to experience the world's best cocktails. Let that fancy bar come to you! 

The cocktails at home category is booming thanks to the global lockdown that covid-19 brought with it. And although it can be super fun to create our own cocktails from scratch, not only can it be time consuming and messy, but more often than not, the end result never truly replicates that cocktail that you sipped in that beach club in Ibiza.

Drum roll...pre made cocktails and cocktails in a can! Nothing to be scoffed at please. These cocktails are the solution to anyone who is time poor, or useless at making a damn good cocktail. If you want something to replicate the real deal, then look no further than a brand such as Curatif.  Curatif is an Australian brand that collaborates with famous hospitality venues and distillers from around the world, to create their signature drinks. 

Margarita's, Espresso Martinis, Mai Tais and Daquiris to name a few, are all available as cocktails in a can, and they are damn good!!

Buy Curatif cocktails at BottlO'Briens instore and online.