While we’re temporarily closing our online shop, we’re thrilled to invite you to explore our extensive collection in-store.
While we’re temporarily closing our online shop, we’re thrilled to invite you to explore our extensive collection in-store.
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Pinot Noir Wines

Pinot Noir is a deliciously light to medium bodied red wine that is perfectly suited to cooler climates. It has silky tannins and is usually pleasingly complex in characteristics. It has always had the reputation of being one of the hardest grapes to handle due to its fragility, and hence Pinot Noir is regarded as one of the most difficult wines to produce. For these reasons, Pinot Noirs are comparably dearer than other red wine varietals, but their price is always justified so long as the grape has been planted in the appropriate terroir and has been subject to the tender viticulture and wine making process that it deserves.

Pinot Noir originated from Burgundy, France. Today Burgundy remains arguably the best producer of Pinot Noir. Burgundian Pinots are savoury, earthy and funky in style. These characteristics obviously differ amongst Pinot Noirs from the rest of the world. Australia produces some of the world’s finest Pinot Noirs. Tasmanian Pinot Noir and Victorian Pinot Noir (think Yarra Valley Pinot and Geelong Pinot) are savoury styles with more hints of red fruits like raspberries, cherries, and plums, than you would expect to find in Burgundian Pinot Noir. New Zealand has also made a name for itself as a reputable producer of Pinot Noir. New Zealand Pinot Noirs from Marlborough are more on the fruity side of the spectrum, often displaying strong cherry and fruit driven characteristics. Pinot Noirs from elsewhere in New Zealand such as Central Otago, veer more towards the savoury spectrum. They tend to be earthier, spicier and more masculine in character.

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At BottlO’Briens we offer a delectable range of Pinot Noirs from New Zealand and France, as well as some of the best Australian Pinot Noirs online and in store. You will find Yarra Valley Pinot Noir, Tasmanian Pinot Noir, Central Otago Pinot Noir and of course Burgundy Pinot Noir online and in store. Whether you prefer a brighter, fruitier style from Marlborough or a more savoury and funky Pinot Noir from Geelong, BottlO’Briens has selected the best value for money Pinot Noirs for you. From small batch vineyards to larger scale producers our red wine offering caters for everyone!

Local & Australia-Wide Pinot Noir Wine Delivery

At BottlO’Briens, we offer free Pinot Noir wine delivery to Cronulla, Woolooware, Burraneer, Gymea, Miranda and Caringbah (for Orders over $100). All other Sydney postcodes $15 flat rate delivery fee for Pinot Noir wine delivery. Next day delivery is available for orders placed before 11am.

BottlO´Briens delivers Australia wide (excluding Northern Territory).