Our Story

BottlO’Briens was founded in 2007 by husband and wife team Paul and Kate O’Brien (aka The Captain and Mrs Boss). For 9 years we have been working in and running our independent store in Cronulla, and working hard to establish it as a destination store, renowned for not only its formidable selection of craft beers and boutique wines, but also for its personable service. Our favourite part of the job is tasting absolutely everything before we purchase, and then passing on our recommendations to customers. Our customers appreciate this kind of service as it eliminates a lot of the hard work for them. Instead of feeling bombarded by a huge array of options when it comes to choosing a wine or beer, we can narrow it down to a small selection for them, and they can have confidence in knowing that they will go home with a product that represents great value.

It is this service model that we aim to replicate on our website. We realise that it is physically impossible for a lot of people to visit us within our bricks and mortar store, so we thought it best to come to you! Our aim is not to compete with the Big Boys by offering you thousands of SKU’s to choose from. It is to give you a virtual experience of coming to see us, The Captain and Mrs Boss, to pick our brains for recommendations. Everyone is time poor (that’s why it’s taken so bloody long for this website to be up and running!) we have done the hard work for you.

Here you will find a small selection of wines, beers and spirits that are currently stocked in our bricks and mortar store that we feel represent the best value for money. There is such an abundance of top quality booze available these days, that you no longer need to spend an arm and a leg to get something very good. That’s what we are about. Seeing good booze go to good people, at a good price.  Simple.  Just like us.

So jump on board and take a look around the site, it probably won’t take you long, but rest assured that the hard work has already been done, and you will be delivered nothing but quality value.